One of the new titles of the season, Daylight, leads Kanal D International’s catalogue for Mipcom 2023, which includes a new season of Three Sisters and other heart-wrenching dramas like That Girl, A Father’s Promise and Farewell Letter.

Since its debut, earlier this year, Daylight (Dönence) has been a success on the screen of Kanal D, backed with solid ratings and huge social media buzz. Now, Kanal D International is looking to translate that local success to the international market.

Daylight is doing very well, as it nearly always takes the top spot each week in the series category”, says Selim Türkmen, Sales Director at Kanal D International. “It is an adaptation of an award-winning Israeli series which is about a family that relocates from a large city to a small fishing village in search of a better environment for their autistic daughter. The eldest daughter Gece will soon start university and doesn’t want to leave. However, a wonderful atmosphere of mother-daughter bonding, friendship, and love will develop while the family battles with their decisions.”

“The series has already begun to draw a lot of interest due to its cast of well-known actors and actresses,” explains Türkmen. The cast includes Sümeyye Aydogan as Gece, together with Caner Topçu, Atakan Hoşgören and Didem Inselel, among others.

The show has also been well-received because of its beautiful locations, in the Turkish municipality of Foça.

“Daylight its a heart-warming story that will make you believe in love and hope,” assures the executive.

The series has recently given up its Tuesday evening spot, moving to Wednesdays, to make space in the schedule for the return of one of Kanal D’s powerhouses: Three Sisters.

The series, original titled Üç Kız Kardeş, has been sold all over the world, and has returned for a third season that promises to be “heart-breaking”, according to one of the leads, the actress Özgü Kaya.

Three Sisters is one of Kanal D’s most successful dramas. Produced by Surec Film and adapted from the best-selling novel by İclal Aydın, the series stars İclal Aydın, Reha Özcan, Özgü Kaya, Berker Güven, Almida Ada and Melisa Berberoğlu.

SOCIAL MEDIA AS AN ALLY. Another attractive title from KDI’s catalogue is That Girl, a show that focused on a young girl, who dreams of being a famous influencer on social media.

“Given that it was different from the standard dramas or romcoms that the audience is used to seeing, it was well accepted by viewers,” points out Türkmen. “Social media-focused television shows are becoming more and more popular.”

That Girl also distinguished itself by having another distinctive element: it brought to the forefront the treatment that society has of the character of the protagonist’s father’s disability, who has the mentality of a five-year-old child and cannot fend for himself.

While social media is a central plot element of That Girl, the real impacto of those platforms on the productions is growing each day. For example, Daylight has been praised by the strong engagement it has generated on the different social media platforms, something that brings a new dimension in which evaluate its success.

“Social media data provides insights into the popularity, engagement, and overall impact of the series on the audience,” says Türkmen. “This information can be useful in demonstrating the show’s potential to attract and maintain a dedicated audience in the international market. It can help potential buyers understand the target audience for the series and whether it aligns with the demographics they are aiming to target in their own markets.”

“Ultimately, social media data can serve as a valuable tool to showcase the drama series’ potential to resonate with an international audience, generate buzz, and contribute to the success of the series in new markets,” he adds. “It can help negotiate favorable terms and prices with international buyers who see the value in the show’s online presence and engagement.”