Devoted to creating content that can “comfort people, and give them dreams and hopes”, the South Korean company boasts a varied catalog of high-end productions that seek to find new screens in the global market.

Back in 2011, Mikyung Park, a famous showrunner in South Korea, created Kang Contents, a content production company which, as its name describes, had the goal of developing “strong contents”.

Because Park, known in her country for creating hit shows like MBC’s Police Agency People or EBS’ School Story, founded Kang Contents “to comfort people who are tired of tough lives and to give them dreams and hopes.”

“We are crazy storytellers,” the CEO explained. “In particular, we focus on creating contents for anti-war peace, equality, and resolving racial and religious conflicts for human coexistence. And to present a solution to sustainable life on earth by resolving the climate crisis, which is a major threat to human survival”.

“Therefore, we are planning, developing, and producing contents that people around the world can relate to,” she added.

In this regard, the company is presenting a varied catalog for the international market, led by the 8K musical film, K-School, where millennials’ dreams, love and friendships act as the background of a fashion school.

The catalog also features the web drama series, Love Formula 11M, starring K-pop idols Astro’s Yoon Sanha, Aoa’s Chanmi, and Aoa’s Yuna; and the documentaries Sherman Road, presenting the friendship between French and Korean female shamans who would have been burned as witches if they were born in the Middle Ages; and Dances with the Wind, about Sam-hun, who was a promising ballerino but turned into a protesting dancer at the demonstrate scene.

Last but not least, the catalog’s highlights include the reality dancing show format, Seven Days Romance, which asks the question “Can a human find their soulmate in just one week?”

With this varied catalog, Kang Contents seeks to find new screens for its productions in the international market, where Latin America stands as a potential market for new alliances. “We found platform companies and distributors who can distribute our contents in the US Hispanic and Latam market. Sooner or later, we will be able to sign a contract with them and supply our company’s contents to the US Hispanic and Latam market”, the executive explained.

“Latam is an attractive market. The emotions of Latin Americans are very similar to those of Koreans. So we look forward to produce wonderful dramas and movies through collaboration with Latam and bring them to the international market”, she added.

The company will be present in the main upcoming markets showcasing its South Korean titles, including Mipcom and BCWW.