The Globoplay Originals series written by Manuela Dias and directed by Gustavo Fernández, with 28 episodes.

Launched in the international market during LA Screenings Independents, Justice: Misconduct reached record consumption on Globoplay in Brazil. The series is the most-watched series ever published on the platform within the first 30 days of release.

The Globoplay Originals series written by Manuela Dias (A Mother’s Love) and directed by Gustavo Fernández (Pantanal and Rebirth), with 28 episodes.

Justice: Misconduct follows four characters who end up in prison and, seven years later, are released and must rebuild their lives in search of justice that goes beyond logic and legal processes.

Deliveryman Balthazar (Juan Paiva, from In Your Place) was falsely accused of crimes he did not commit, supermarket owner Jayme (Murilo Benício, from Pantanal) sexually abused his niece, Geiza (Belize Pombal, from Rebirth), who killed a local drug dealer in a fight to defend her daughter, and Milena (Nanda Costa, from A Mother’s Love), who, after stealing a car, is accused of homicide.

The plot is consolidated as an anthology series, following the same structure and format as Justice: Life Is Not Fair, which was nominated for the International Emmy for Best Actress with Adriana Esteves and Best Drama Series, albeit with new characters.