A well-defined focus is one of the strongest points of Telemundo Streaming Studios’ content strategy, which the company complements with an exceptional creative team.

Juan Ponce, SVP and General Manager of Telemundo Streaming Studios (TSS), believes that the production company’s focus allows it to be stronger in the regions in which it seeks to be relevant.

“Instead of covering the entire world, we focus on four specific regions,” Ponce said, speaking with ttvnews after his participation in the “Streaming Trends” panel. “We are very well defined in the areas in which we want to work and compete. What we have done is put together the best creative team in those areas: authors and showrunners, like Sebastián Ortega, and our Development VPs in the different regions.”

This focus has resulted in a “quite rich and diverse” portfolio, according to Ponce, who highlighted the production of traditional melodramas, “but with unique points of view and the well-known Underground/TSS imprint”, and psychological thrillers such as El Greco family secret, for Netflix. “We have stories of light, of redemption, stories with well-known book IPs and that we are going to use to maximize and accompany them with important showrunners,” he added.

Regarding streaming trends, Ponce agreed with the words of Domingo Coral, director of Original Programming at Movistar Plus+ and another member of the panel: “As Domingo said, fear is conformism,” said Ponce. “The lack of risk taking. I totally agree. We must continue with the segmentation dynamic and fight for the budgets that accompany those unique stories that are traveling around the world.”

Another area TSS works very hard in is the generation of new talent, a commitment to the industry that Ponce assures is shared by the entire team and supported by the actions that are taken: “We have an email open to the different talents of the industry where you can send us ideas. Sometimes it is a good idea that it needs accompaniment and they need to package it”, he exemplified. “We also have an incubator for young people in the US Hispanic and Latin America where they begin to soak up the process and the system.”