The CEO of the Chilean group spoke with ttvnews in Miami about the internationalization strategy of its content and the agreements they seek to close with key territories in the international market.

By ttvnews, from Miami, USA

In 2023, Megamedia began a process of internationalization of its content, with the aim of bringing its successful stories and productions to new international markets with their own local versions.

A successful path that began with the adaptation of their series, Papá a la deriva, together with Latina TV in Peru, where it premiered last October as Papá en apuros.

And now, 2024 is presented as the year of solidification of this strategy, in which the group seeks to raise it to a new level.

“Our focus in 2024 has to do with the consolidation of Megamedia’s internationalization model,” Javier Villanueva, CEO of the Chilean group, began in dialogue with ttvnews.

“We have created a hybrid model, different from the sale of finished content and formats. We create an intermediate product that has to do with the management and executive production of Mega, which is made available to customers and partners – platforms, channels, whoever – to produce a script and a story that was born in Chile. We make our stories available, the team that created them, and based on that we are going to produce these stories in the place in the world that the client needs them,” explained the CEO.

With that premise in mind, the group was present at Content Americas to look for new partners to bring their content to more screens.

“Here at Content America we came to consolidate and close hub production agreements in different countries, in Mexico, the US, Colombia, Spain, seeking to have alternatives so that when an opportunity appears to us, we have the entire production chain resolved,” the executive said.

“In that sense, Jonathan’s presence in Miami has to do with how we do internationalization, but also having people from Mega outside of Chile,” he added, referring to Jonathan Cuchacovich, Head of Fiction Project Development and Screenwriter at Megamedia, who from Miami seeks to act as a bridge between different markets.

“It works a bit as part of Mega’s internationalization, to get its head out of Chile and have a strategic bridge between the different markets and production hubs with Chile,” Cuchacovich explained.

“We continue working on the content of what we do in Chile, while we look outside and see how that content can work and travel to other countries,” he concluded.