The Turkish distributor brought two very attractive dramas to LASI 2023: One Love, one of the ratings leaders on Friday nights in Turkey, and Sara, the Lebanese adaptation of 1001 Nights.

Sara, The Lebanese adaptation of a key drama in the Turkish content boom in Latin America and the world, 1001 Nights, is being presented by Global Agency during this edition of LA Screenings Independents, which is taking place this week at the Fairmont Hotel Century Plaza.

“We are presenting Sara, the adaptation of 1001 Nights that has been made in Lebanon, and we hope that it will once again bring interest to a story that has made so much noise around the world,” said Iván Sánchez, director of Sales for Latin America at Global Agency.

This is a very high goal, given that 1001 Nights is considered one of the main titles -if not the most important- in the conquest of Latin America by Turkish dramas.

Together with Sara, Global Agency is presenting their most recent success, One Love: “It is one of the series that is currently having the highest rating in Turkey, on Friday nights, which tells a very interesting story and with a development of the characters that have attracted a lot of attention,” said Sánchez.

Regarding formats, which the executive says are receiving growing interest from Latin America, Sánchez highlighted Blind Duets and Good Singers.

“Recently our Blind Duets format has been adapted in a country like Vietnam, it has been the world launch there and soon we will have adaptations in Russia,” he commented. “Good Singers, meanwhile, is having a lot of success in France and it is a title for which we are having a lot of interest in the region, because our catalog has a lot of family content, which is what is most in demand.”