Global Agency is present in Miami with some of the most attractive series in Turkey, formats that are beginning to make noise in Latin America and its great bet: the remake of the mega-successful 1001 Nights.

The Indian version of 1001 Nights, titled Katha Ankahee, is the great bet of distributor Global Agency for this beginning of 2023. After the brilliant results obtained by the Turkish version, possibly the most important series in the explosion of Turkish content around the world, expectations are high for what this remake will achieve.

“Our flagship at the moment is this new version of 1001 Nightd, called Katha Ankahee, which we believe will work as well as the first one,” said Iván Sánchez, Director of Sales for Latin America at Global Agency, in a dialogue with ttvnews during the second day of Content Americas 2023.

In addition to the new version of the classic, Global Agency also brings new Turkish titles: “We are bringing the most interesting things that are coming out of Turkey, like the One Love series or like Vendetta and Lonely Hearts”. Sanchez detailed. “They are all series that we believe can work very well in the region.”

In another section are the formats, a key element of the distributor’s catalogue, which are beginning to gain ground in Latin America: “By 2023 we plan to continue working with most of the carriers in the region, with the different slots they have available. for Turkish content, hoping that they will open up more and more, and continue working with the formats, which little by little, is a different process from series, but they are also growing”, commented the executive.