One Love remains in the number one spot in Turkey in its second season, but it is estimated to be able to extend for four or five seasons and reach more than a hundred territories.

*By ttvnews, from Miami, EEUU

Content distributor Global Agency has stood out at Content Americas, especially with its two main Turkish titles, One Love and the newly released Red Roses. This series has attracted many buyers from the region. Especially One Love, which has remained number one for two seasons, is expected to replicate its success in hundreds of territories.

Iván Sánchez, Global Agency’s sales director for Latin America, told ttvnews that One Love is a title that has been on the air for two seasons and is doing spectacularly. “In the middle of the first season, it reached number one in the commercial ratings, and in the second season, it has become number one in all the demos,” he said.

According to Sánchez, one of the innovative aspects of this story is that it does not focus on just two characters. Still, there will be two families with different profiles, seven and eight main characters, which means that the story rotates from one to the other and makes it much more dynamic, “in Turkey it is seen from the youngest to the oldest,” he said.

As part of the Content Americas conferences, Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, held a conference to talk about the worldwide success of Turkish dramas. He mentioned that they expect One Love to continue for three or four seasons and to reach more than one hundred territories because it is a very powerful project.

In this regard, Sanchez added that they see growing interest from buyers for One Love and Red Roses in the region. “We have a good portfolio at the moment that makes the demand higher. We were also fortunate to participate in the panel on the Turkish series boom, and we talked about One Love being sold internationally, the reasons for its success in Turkey, and why it can also fit outside.”

On the other hand, Red Roses, also produced by Gold Film, Sanchez mentioned that there are very good projections. “It’s airing on Monday nights in prime time and on all three demos: the total, commercial, and ABC. It’s a pretty controversial story, with a protagonist from a pretty dark background,” he said.