The series was acquired by Canal 13 in Chile and TVN in Panama.

Scorpion, distributed internationally by Inter Medya, continues travelling around the world, with the announcement of recent sales to Chile and Panama.

Inter Medya announced that the company licensed Scorpion to Chile’s Canal 13 and to TVN in Panama.

Scorpion, whose Latin America journey started with Ecuador last year, has been licensed to many territories such as Israel, Romania, Albania, Sub-Saharan Africa and others by Inter Medya.

Scorpion is a very successful production that carries all Turkish drama codes. In this drama where we watch the stories that develop around a mother-daughter war, we are watching a real scorpion fight. We are sure that Scorpion will be enjoyed and watched excitedly by Panama and Chile audiences!” said VP and Head Of Sales and Acquisitions of Inter Medya, Beatriz Cea Okan.

The successful production bears the signature of 1441 Productions. Starred by names such as Demet Akbağ, Evrim Alasya, Yusuf Çim, Aslı Melisa Uzun, Scorpion presents a gripping love, family and revenge story.