Adding the deals signed this year, the successful Turkish drama has reached over 30 countries around the world, including 16 in Latin America, where it will soon premiere on Telefe in Argentina and Mega in Chile.

Bitter Lands, the successful Turkish period drama distributed worldwide by Inter Medya, continues to extend its dominance and success across the globe with steady steps. The famous series has reached more than 30 territories worldwide and 16 territories in Latin America, where it will soon premiere on Telefe in Argentina and Mega in Chile.

Recently, Inter Medya announced further agreements for Bitter Lands. The series that has already been broadcast in many countries, was licensed in Montenegro to TV Vijesti and in Macedonia to Media Acquisition (Sitel).

Locally, the series continues to retain steady and strong ratings. On its second season, the series is still ranking number one on Thursday evenings. The latest episode, broadcast in Turkey last Thursday, reached 16,35% ratings and over 30% share.

The rating smasher achieves similar results in the international arena as well. The series has been getting great ratings since it premiered on Montenegro’s TV Vijesti and managed to acquire a place as the most watched Turkish drama of the season in Montenegro. It has also premiered to a huge audience on Kanal D in Romania. Its latest episode watched by 2 million viewers, achieving a market share of 21,8%.

“Bitter Lands achieved great international success and as Inter Medya, we are happy to be a part of this. The title carries a strong Turkish Drama DNA, with a story that appeals to all audiences across the globe. Bitter Lands received great rating results in the territories it was broadcast in. This success is not a coincidence because the series distinguishes itself from others through its high production quality and strong cast. We are sure that it still has great potential and this success will continue to grow,” said Can Okan, Founder and CEO of Inter Medya.

Produced by one of the Turkey’s leading production company TIMS&B Productions, Bitter Lands tells the story of a legendary love that begins in Istanbul during the 1970s and continues in the fertile lands of Southern Turkey throughout the trials of evil, ambition and tyranny. It asks whether love is eternal against realities of life and tests the resistance of love and the goodness of the human heart amidst a series of turbulent events.