The new Turkish drama has been licensed to Wapa TV, where it will make its debut “soon”.

Turkey’s acclaimed distribution company Inter Medya announced that the successful Turkish drama Aziz has been licensed to Puerto Rico.

Produced by O3 Medya and starred by Murat Yıldırım, Damla Sönmez, Simay Barlas and Fırat Tanış, Aziz has already been licensed to various countries such as Bolivia, Romania, MENA, Israel and Macedonia.

And now, Inter Medya inked a deal also with Puerto Rico’s Wapa TV where it will make its debut soon.

Aziz tells the story of the son of the biggest carpet manufacturer of Antakya, who lives his life in prosperity and wealth. His fate changes when he kills French delegate’s son. He has to leave behind the lands he was born in and his precious love along with everything he has. Two years later, his return is going to be unexpected for everyone, because he has been assumed dead for two years.