Aziz is produced by O3 Medya and will premiere soon on the Latin American network.

Inter Medya announced a licensing agreement that brings Aziz to TVN Panama.

Renowned for its compelling narrative and exceptional production quality, Aziz has gained international acclaim, making it a standout addition to TVN Panama’s programming lineup.

Aziz bears the signature of one of Turkey’s most acclaimed production companies, O3 Medya, and showcases a remarkable blend of storytelling, character development, and cultural significance that promises to resonate strongly with TVN Panama’s audience.

Starring Murat Yıldırım, Damla Sönmez, and Simay Barlas, Aziz tells the story of a man’s liberation of his people and finding true love.

“We are delighted to bring Aziz to TVN Panama. As Aziz makes its way to TVN Panama’s screens, the audience can anticipate a journey filled with drama and love,” said Beatriz Cea Okan, VP and Head Of Sales And Acquisitions at Inter Medya.