The distributor is participating at the event with brand new titles such as The Trusted, Last Summer and Scorpion.

Turkish distributor Inter Medya is participating in Digital Mitv, presenting a slate of new Turkish titles, including its hit dramas, as well as formats, miniseries and movies.

“Turkish content is at the center of attention all over the world. We’ve managed to keep this attention going in the last 12 years,” Can Okan, founder and CEO of Inter Medya, said to ttvnews. “We are continuously expanding our catalogue by considering the different global trends as well as our customers’ varying needs.”

Highlighted among the titles offered by the distributor is their newest addition, The Trusted, described as “one of the most successful Turkish dramas launched in 2021.”

Produced by TIMS&B Productions and on air on ATV, The Trusted, locally named Maraşli, drags the audience into an adventure in pursuit of both love and great secrets. Starring globally known actors Alina Boz and Burak Deniz, the series tells the story of Marashli (Burak Deniz), an ex-soldier who left the Special Forces in order to open up a second-hand bookstore and spend more time with his sick daughter, Zelis. His life changes when the beautiful Mahur (Alina Boz) walks into his bookstore. Marashli saves Mahur’s when she accidentally gets herself into trouble one day. From that day onwards, the destiny of the two characters will be interwoven irrevocably.

The Trusted stands out with its strong characterizations and original plot. The series also maintains its assertive place in the rating charts with each new episode.

“The series stars Alina Boz and Burak Deniz, and it’s a Turkish drama with elements of love, passion and action,” explains Okan. “Only recently announced, there is already great interest in the title, which performs very well in Turkey. We are sure that it will be very successful and make an indelible impression in the international market as well.”

Another fresh title in Inter Medya’s catalogue is Last Summer, a heartwarming story produced by O3 Medya. The series tells the story of idealist prosecutor Selim who receives an offer too good to refuse from mob leader Selcuk in exchange of protecting Selcuk’s son Akgun. Now in between his work and family, Selim has to take Akgun where his family resides.

Broadcast on Turkey’s most watched FTA channel FOX on Friday evenings when the competition is very high, Last Summer (Son Yaz) has solidified its place by making an assertive entry to the rating charts in Turkey since its first episode.

Last Summer is one of the most successful productions of this season thanks to its appealing storyline and acting performances,” points out Okan.

Directed by Burak Arlıel, the Turkish drama distinguishes itself with its gripping storyline and talented cast. Starred by Ali Atay, Alperen Duymaz, Funda Eryiğit, Hafsanur Sancaktutan, and many other names, the successful drama has become one of the most talked-about topics on social media.

Produced by 1441 Productions for Turkey’s Star TV, Scorpion is another series filled with betrayal, curse, love, and motherhood. Ferda, the daughter of the famous Perihan Emgen who was abandoned at the age of one, blames her mother’s abandonment for all her troubles. Ferda is determined to take the life that was taken from her. And while doing so, she accidentally causes her sister’s death. Ferda’s stubbornness and Perihan not wanting her, causes a great war between mother and daughter.

Starring Demet Akbağ, Evrim Alasya, and Bekir Aksoy and broadcast on Turkey’s Star TV, Scorpion (Akrep) carries Turkish drama codes, with a story that appeals to audiences everywhere. With each new episode, the series’ intriguing storyline and emotional scenes makes an indelible impression on Turkish audiences.

Inter Medya is also offering another hits of recent years, including their own productions, like Respect, and titles like Ramo, a “male oriented drama” produced by BKM and already on its second season.


The mini-series Respect is the most recent content that Inter Medya has taken on as a producer, a new evolving side of the ever-growing company.

“Inter Medya is an international company distributing content in over 144 countries. Even though we are mainly a distribution company, we started to invest in high quality productions in 2019,” says Okan. “In parallel to our distribution business, we plan to continue to better ourselves in the production field as well. We are constantly looking for new and inspiring stories that may appeal to both local and international audiences.”

“We have projects that we are currently developing. By taking important steps in international co-production projects, we will pursue our journey as a producer as well as an international distributor”, he adds.

As with many other 2020 projects, Respect had a tough road while trying to wrap its production. Inter Medya had to postpone its premiere, and later adapt to the safety precautions established to resume work on the sets.

“Today, sets [in Turkey] continue paying attention to the determined rules and work with great precision,” explains Okan. “Media consumption is booming right now and content production has to continue somehow. Our industry is huge and there is growing demand every day.”

“That being said, by taking all necessary precautions and as long as there is a safe and healthy environment for everyone, productions will continue in the most powerful way. All cast and crew members work with great devotion,” adds.

As a mini-series, Respect is part of a new trend in Turkish TV content, one that Inter Medya has embraced by adding titles like Interrupted. “Together with the increase of online streaming platforms worldwide, the mini-series genre has also been on the rise,” says Okan. “In recent years, we have extended our mini-series catalogue and acquired the representation rights of several successful mini-series, which we call New Generation Turkish Series”.

These new generation titles were the focus of a panel in Natpe V-Fronts, hosted by Inter Medya. “The guests talked about the new path of Turkish series which bring different interpretations to the Turkish drama codes and discussed the shift away from the traditional to a newer generation of Turkish series focusing on the mini-series Respect and Interrupted”, says Okan. “At the same time, they shared their memories and experiences during the filming process. We can say that this was a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone.”