The first co-production of the multi-year agreement between the companies will be presented by Inter Medya at Content Americas.

In May 2022, Turkey’s Inter Medya announced that the company had signed an extended co-production deal with the global superpower Telemundo.

Hicran, the first co-production of this multi-year agreement, broadcasts every day on weekdays in Turkey and achieves very successful results.

Starred by worldwide famous child star Nisa Sofiya Aksongur, Hicran meets the audience on Kanal D at 17:00 in weekdays. One of the most watched daily series of this season, the series distinguishes itself with its gripping storyline.

Hicran, which will be presented by Inter Medya at Content Americas that will take place in Miami on 24-26 January 2023, tells a heart-wrenching mother and daughter story.

Hicran, who wakes up to the new day with the nightmare she sees every night in which she tries to catch up with her daughter, who is said to have died at birth, is a young woman who is trying to hold on to life and who believes that her daughter is not dead, unlike everyone else… One day, Hicran saves a little girl, Melek, at the cost of being hurt. Melek’s father Emre convinces Hicran to be Melek’s babysitter when he learns that she needs a job. Hicran, unaware that she saved the life of her own daughter, now comes to the mansion where she lives as her babysitter…