Turkish distributor and producer Inter Medya acquired the rights for the new daily drama The Girl of the Green Valley and will be presenting the series at Miptv 2022.

One of the most attractive titles in the market is The Girl of the Green Valley, an adaptation of the Canadian book Ann of Green Gables. The series is produced by Yesil Yapim and distributed by Inter Medya.

The series starts worldwide famous Beren Gökyıldız (Shameless), the series is inspired by the beloved book written by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

The Girl of the Green Valley tells the story of a girl who is left without a mother and father at a very early age. No one knows the truth about what happened to her family. The heart touching drama follows its protagonist while she becomes a young girl and then a woman. The story, which has a strong drama at its core, brings a blend of hope, love and family.

Inter Medya will be launching the daily drama at Miptv 2022, presenting it to its international business partners.

“We are glad to announce that we have acquired the distribution rights of The Girl of the Green Valley,” said Can Okan, Founder and CEO of Inter Medya. “I am sure that the little girl, who managed to overcome the difficulties with her loving heart and intelligence despite all the unpleasantness and negativities that happened to her, will warm the hearts of the audience. The Girl of the Green Valley has a great potential to travel across the globe.”