The drama will be presented to the Latin American market at Mipcancun.

Caracol Televisión, the renowned Colombian broadcasting powerhouse, and Inter Medya, a leading distribution company in Turkey, proudly announced their co-production agreement for the series Leylifer, produced by Alim Yapım, back in May.

Leylifer, the series that has already completed filming in Turkey, is set to make its debut on the European stage exclusively at Mipcom 2023. This momentous collaboration brings this remarkable production to Europe for the very first time.

With production responsibilities firmly in the hands of Alim Yapım and international distribution managed by Inter Medya.

The Latin American launch of Leylifer is scheduled for November, to be unveiled at MIPCancun, further expanding its global footprint.

Caracol Televisión and Inter Medya’s union in co-producing Alim Yapım’s Leylifer exemplifies the power of international collaboration.

“We are proud to step forward with our trendsetting formula, bringing together the powerful narrative of Turkish dramas with our production expertise for the global market. This artistic partnership between two international storytelling power players, Inter Medya and Caracol, has given birth to Leylifer, a masterfully woven story uniting both Colombian and Turkish cultures,” said Lisette Osorio, Intenational Sales Vice President of Caracol Television

“We are excited to introduce Leylifer, brought to life in collaboration with Caracol Televisión and Alim Yapım, to the European stage. This production, serving as a bridge between Colombia and Turkey, is a truly successful Turkish-Colombian co-production that carries the rich elements inherent to Turkish dramas in its DNA. As the first co-production between Latin America and Turkey, this project bearing the signature of Alim Yapım marks a highly successful starting point for future projects we will bring to life,” said Beatriz Cea Okan, VP and Head Of Sales and Acquisitons of Inter Medya.

Kadir Doğulu, Co-Founder of lim Yapım, expressed that they have put in delicate and meticulous work to cater to the viewing habits of the Colombian audience with a story set in Turkey. He stated, “I believe this series, which will serve as a beautiful bridge between two cultures, will offer us a valuable experience.” Furthermore, Kadir Doğulu expressed his great satisfaction in collaborating with Inter Medya and Caracol Television in creating this project as lim Yapım.

Leylifer tells the story of a young Colombian woman living in Spain whose life takes a turn when, on a trip to Istanbul, her Turkish husband disappears and is later found dead. The 120-episode series stars Cuban-American actress Camila Duarte, and Turkish actors Can Verel and Pervin Balcı.