The VP of Acquisitions and Content Sales at The Walt Disney Company Latin America explained the company’s original productions will follow the path to broadcast TV, but that the focus is on its DTC services.

*from Los Angeles, California

Disney Media Distribution Latin America held the anticipated screenings of its contents in Los Angeles, this Wednesday, May 24, thus returning to a traditional event that, once again, took place at the company’s studios in Burbank.

“We are happy to be welcoming our clients back here, showing all the slate we have of local movies, series and products,” said Henri Ringel, VP of Acquisitions and Content Sales at The Walt Disney Company Latin America, in dialogue with ttvnews.

“We are resurfacing a bit,” said the executive. “Showing everything we have and very happy to meet everyone again.”

Regarding the company’s change of strategy towards its original productions, which will now be distributed again for broadcast TV, Ringel stressed that it does not mean a change in the company’s priorities: “Our original productions [will be distributed] to broadcast platforms, once they have been shown on Star+, our direct-to-consumer product. Additionally, catalog content that will also support local content,” said the executive. “Never losing sight of the fact that direct-to-consumer service remains our priority, both Disney+ and Star+,” he stated.

The change, however, has been well received by the industry in general: “We see a new enthusiasm for all the content we bring,” said the executive.

“We are very happy to be working in a unified way so that our brand’s ‘touch points’ reach all consumers in Latin America,” he added.