Area de serviço, O amor Segundo Buenos Aires and O beijo adolescente are the new fiction series, while the documentaries, co-produced with Ancine, will deal with the Brazilian judicial system, the education of boys and skateboarder Bob Burnquist.

With the focus on restarting productions, HBO has just announced six new titles that will be produced in Brazil, with distribution for Latin America and the Caribbean: three original fiction series and three documentaries in co-production with Ancine (Agencia Nacional del Cine de Brazil).

“In recent months, we have been working with production companies to develop new content, to bring even more original and innovative stories to audiences around the world,” said Roberto Rios, corporate vice president of Original Productions for HBO Latin America.

“Our content is very well received internationally and our productions were also included on the new HBO Max platform in the United States. To give continuity to that work, we are currently focused on the analysis of new projects and the development of scripts, “he added.

The three new series – titled Area de serviço, O amor Segundo Buenos Aires and O beijo adolescente – join other original fictions announced by HBO Brazil for 2020 or 2021, such as O hóspede americano (The American Guest), Os esquecidos (The Forgotten) and the new seasons of Hard.

All of them will join the list of Brazilian series already released by HBO, such as Psi, A vida secreta dos casais, Pico da neblina, Santos Dumont and Todxs nós.


Area de serviço

With creation and script signed by Pedro Cardoso and Graziella Moretto, the comedy presents a sharp humor to address the relationship between different social classes.

Born in Brazil, but raised from a young age in Portugal, Jacinto is a businessman who returns to the country in search of information about his mother, whom he did not know. Hosted in an aunt’s mansion, he begins to live with the many employees who work there, going through incredible and fun situations. Director Monique Gardenberg is also involved in the development of the production.

O amor Segundo Buenos Aires

This drama based on the self-titled book by Brazilian journalist Fernando Scheller, who is also part of the production’s writing team, finds in Buenos Aires the perfect setting for a mosaic of love stories.

Hugo is a Brazilian who moves to the Argentine capital to accompany his girlfriend, Leonor, who is going to study dance. As the romance cools, Hugo falls in love with the city and learns of other people’s stories.

O beijo adolescente 

The fantasy series was born from the graphic novels of Rafael Coutinho, who participates in the adaptation as a consultant.

The story takes place in a world where adults have no color and only young people are colorful. In this reality, certain teenagers manifest some kind of super power when they give their first kiss. That is the gateway to the “Teenage Kiss” gang, which is subverting the adult world.


Three documentary co-productions, already approved by Ancine, are in different stages of production. With resources from Condecine (“Provisional Measure nº 2,228-1, of September 6, 2001, article 39”), the co-productions will be exclusively distributed by HBO Latin America.

Odilon, laugh at yourself

The documentary, co-produced with the producer Mymama Entertainment, will detail the isolation experienced by federal judge Odilon de Oliveira, responsible for the convictions of names that marked organized crime in Brazil such as Fernandinho Beira-Mar and Juan Carlos Abadia. Professional success earned the judge even more severe confinement than that of the criminals themselves: for 20 years, Odilon has lived in armed custody of the Federal Police.

Menino coisa

Directed by Guto Barra and Tatiana Issa, who produced and directed Fora do closet (Out of the Closet) for HBO, the series shows how deep-rooted machismo came to be recognized today as “toxic masculinity.”

From the proposal to explore reflections on behaviors branded as «men’s thing», the production promises to question values, customs and pillars of Brazilian society, bringing to the surface issues related to the creation and education of boys. A co-production with Producing Partners.


When talking about Bob Burnquist’s biography, the extreme images that marked his more than 30 years of skateboarding immediately come to mind. But who is the man behind the idol?

The documentary series, co-produced with Goma Filmes and Vetor Filmes, reveals what makes skater a unique case in the history of sports