With a global reach and an understanding of the universal ingredients that make content appealing to worldwide audiences, Haciyatmaz Group and the production company Yeşil Yapim are looking to create partnerships to empower their quest to becoming an all-around the globe producer of high quality shows

With an expertise in producing serial Turkish dramas, Haciyatmaz Group/Yeşil Yapim is ready to take advantage of Mipcom’s international platform to communicate its latest projects -which include the title Narin– and discuss partnerships and co-production opportunities for content that they already have in their pipeline.

“Mipcom is an event that brings this world together. We’re here to meet people, forge friendships and make connections,” says Tayfur Sonkaya, founder of Hacıyatmaz Group and the distribution company Blue Media. “We don’t view these opportunities to network just for short term goals but for long term fruitful partnerships as well.”

“We’ve specialized in the production of high-quality Turkish serial dramas and we’re particularly recognized as pioneers in creating daily Turkish drama series for global television audiences,” explains Ozkan Ipek, founder of Yeşil Yapim. “We’ve produced global hits like Elif, The Light of Hope and Girl of the Green Valley.”

“In total, we have produced over 1.600 hours of drama that have been viewed in almost 60 countries around the world,” emphasizes Ipek.

Working together with Inter Medya, The Girl of the Green Valley became an international success, and now the partnership has taken a new form with the co-production in Chile of Love and Pride. Other potential co-productions are being discussed in Latin America and the Middle East.

“Co-producing, for us, is the business of understanding that this content isn’t just for one country or culture, but includes a more global human experience,” says Ipek. “So whether you are in Chile, Spain or Malaysia, it resonates with audiences worldwide.”

Although Haciyatmaz Group/Yeşil Yapim have a lot of experience with Turkish dramas, their work extends into other genres: “Our main expertise is on producing the kind of serial Turkish dramas that are extremely popular worldwide and taking these globally appealing stories to international audiences, but we do have other business lines within the group,” says Sonkaya. “We are also the largest commercial production company in Turkey and we’ve produced multiple documentaries for TV. We have a distribution company, Blue Media, and our latest addition is our technology company Digitales, which is specialized in creating astonishingly immersive experiences for renowned global brands in diverse industries.”

The secret to their growth and success can be traced to some key ingredients, with synergy and universality being at the top of the list.

“We have different backgrounds that complement and feed each other,” affirms Sonkaya. “This shared know-how takes us to another level. Our group companies, like our tech company, gives us new and different perspectives, new and improved ways of doing things. All of this allows us to provide the most engaging stories in the most cost effective yet high quality way.”

“Our goal is to become a global production company that produces high quality shows, cost-effectively, because of their universal appeal to audiences all over the world,” adds Ipek. ”And we are always looking for like minded companies to partner with us on our journey.”