Netflix announced that Ninguém Tá Olhando, its new original series from Brazil, will premiere on the platform on November 22.

Announced in May of 2018, Ninguém Tá Olhando, the first series by Gullane for Netflix, finally has a premiere date.

The platform announced the new original series from Brazil will premiere worldwide on November 22.

Ninguém Tá Olhando is an eight-episode dramatic comedy created by Daniel Rezende, Teodoro Poppovic and Carolina Markowicz, and directed by Daniel Rezende (Bingo – O Rei das Manhãs and Turma da Mônica – Laços), who is also the showrunner.

It stars Victor Lamoglia, Júlia Rabello, Kéfera Buchmann, Leandro Ramos, Danilo de Moura and Projota.

The series tells the story of Uli, a guardian angel who rebels against the arbitrariness of the orders he receives daily. The series thus reflects, with acid humor, over complex questions of humanity, exploring the relativity of concepts such as “good” and “true”.

It was written by Mariana Trench Bastos, Mariana Zatz, Leandro Ramos, David Tennenbaum, Cauê Laratta, Felipe Sant’Angelo and Rodrigo Bernardo.

In addition to Ninguém Tá Olhando, Gullane is also preparing the Boca a Boca series for Netflix.

Both join the long list of titles that Netflix has already announced in Brazil, such as Irmandade, Cidades invisíveis, Spectros, Onisciente and Reality Z.

The platform previously released 3% (three seasons), O mechanism (two seasons), Samantha!, Coisa Mais Linda, O Escolhido and Sintonía.