An original Globoplay production, developed by Globo Studios, will make its debut in Cannes, along with other new titles such as Aruanas, Second Call and Unsoul.

The unavoidable power of love is the narrative guiding thread of Where My Heart Is, an original production by Globoplay – the OTT streaming platform of Globo Group – and developed by Globo Studios which will be presented at Mipcom 2019.

Set in São Paulo, the series takes architecture and the biggest metropolis of America as a fundamental element to help telling the story of Amanda (Letícia Colin, from A Second Chance), a brilliant and idealist upper-class doctor who enters the dark world of drug addiction claiming for love and affection. Rich and, apparently, a woman who has everything to be happy, she finds herself lost and takes drug abuse as a scape from the pressures in her life.

Her vertiginous dive into this gloomy world ends up endangering all her relationships, especially with her husband Miguel (Daniel de Oliveira, from The Party). Although she tries to fight against addiction, Amanda is constantly challenged by her life circumstances that seem to push her deeper to rock bottom. This particular war destroys the subtle balance of her life and also her family members’ who ‘get sick’ alongside her. In an attempt to recover, all of them notice that affection and love are the most efficient treatment.

The limited series marks the first production with Luísa Lima as an art director. Lima imprinted her careful and delicate touch to the scenes, offering a female sensitivity to the drama written by George Moura and Sergio Gondenberg. The show also counts with the direction supervision by José Villamarim, from The Party, Doomed, Above Justice, Siren’s Song and Brazil Avenue.

Strong series catalog

In this edition of Mipcom, Globo is also presenting a highly robust series catalog produced by Globo Studios, with recently launched hits and unprecedented short formats, such as supernatural drama Unsoul.

The series Second Call, a co-production with O2 Filmes, which is about the transformative power of education is also part of the catalog with season 3 of Under Pressure, a series that in its previous seasons has already been licensed for more than 70 countries, and season 2 of Iron Island.

The highlight this year is the environment thriller Aruanas, a partnership between Globo and Maria Farinha Filmes. The series inaugurated in July a distribution model for more than 150 countries through a digital platform that is unprecedented at Globo. And now it is available on the market for licensing.