Pantanal and All The Flowers are the company’s focus for the main event in the content market

With different dramas and formats, Globo takes to Mipcom Cannes 2022 presents series and telenovelas that engage with different audiences and meet diverse business strategies. Among the main dramas are All The Flowers, which will be released in the international market at the event, the telenovelas Pantanal and In Your Place, and Globoplay Originals Aruanas 2, Unsoul 2, Hidden Truths 2, and Dissident Archangel.

“We seek to form strategic partnerships involving quality content to drive our clients’ objectives. And these productions that we are taking to Mipcom reinforce our commitment. More than technical quality, we have plots with high power of attraction, with universal subjects,” says Angela Colla, Head of International Sales at Globo.

Currently on air in Brazil, Pantanal is audience leader in its slot, reaching 35.8 million viewers per day and with 30% growth in audience compared to the previous telenovela in the same time slot*. The plot, a classic family saga, which had already been a huge success in the country, 30 years ago, by the author Benedito Ruy Barbosa, has been updated to a remake written by his grandson, Bruno Luperi, and directed by Gustavo Fernandes.

Mipcom also sets the release of the Globoplay Original telenovela All The Flowers, written by João Emanuel Carneiro, author of Brazil Avenue, licensed for more than 140 countries. With Regina Casé (A Mother’s Love), Sophie Charlotte (Iron Island, The Party, and Dark Days), Letícia Colin (Where My Heart Is), Mariana Nunes (A Life To Die For), and a great cast, directed by Carlos Araujo, the plot was produced directly for the platform, reinforcing Globo’s positioning of investing in content ready for streaming.

Among other Globoplay Originals productions that will be present at the event are the second seasons of Unsoul and Aruanas, released in 2022, Hidden Truths 2, and A Woman’s Fate, from 2021, We Are Five, and Dissident Archangel, from 2020.