The exclusive showcase, Telenovelas by Globo: Big Hits Anatomy, will be hosted on September 14th and present the success formula behind the hit dramas Sweet Diva, A Life Worth Living and Once We Were Six.

A genre that remains relevant and competitive and which has been reinventing itself through time, the telenovela will be the theme of an exclusive Globo showcase in NATPE V-Fronts.

In Telenovelas by Globo: Big Hits Anatomy that will be held on September 14, at 3PM (Eastern Europe) / 9 AM (EST US), the largest content producer in Latin America takes advantage of the celebration of 70 years of Brazilian telenovelas, 45 of which with a strong presence by Globo in the licensing of big-hit productions to the international market, to share the reasons that make Brazilian telenovelas true success cases and business drivers all over the world.

Hosted by British journalist Ali May, writer and producer focused on the entertainment industry who has already hosted events in the industry such as Berlinale, MIPCOM and Content London, the Telenovelas by Globo: Big Hits Anatomy discusses cases of recent big-hit Globo productions Sweet Diva, A Life Worth Living and Once We Were Six, and shares the reasons that caused these stories to win over more and more fans around the world. The showcase will count on the participation of renowned writers and directors of all three super-productions highlighted in the event for sharing the ingredients that engage the audience and to share more details about the productions.

To comment on the A Sweet Diva case, currently running in countries such as Argentina, Uruguay and Chile and already licensed to more than 60 countries, writer Walcyr Carrasco (also responsible for the hit Secret Truths) will talk about his inspiration to write the plot and director Amora Mautner will share details on the directing process.

As for the hit A Life Worth Living, a telenovela that has also been licensed to over 60 countries, among which Belgium and Poland, writer Rosane Svartman and director Luiz Henrique Rios will join the discussion. The due will explain how the plot was designed around a friendship between generations and different social classes, conveying to the public a life-valuing message.

Another hit presented in the showcase will be the drama Once We Were Six, which revolves around the que strength of a matriarch and her family, living short on resources, but surrounded by affection. For sharing the success attributes and factors of the family saga, writer Angela Chaves and director Carlos Araújo will comment the challenges of producing the remake of a telenovela that was a hit in different years and which remains current, as well as in engaging new audiences.

Shortly after the event on September 14th, Globo also presents in its Linkedin page an exclusive interview with Isadora Filpi, Sales Manager of Globo, hosted by Ali May. In CIS & East Europe Outlook, the executive discusses the evolution of the telenovela genre in the territories and comments on the highlights of the company’s operation in these strategic markets.

NATPE V-Front presents Telenovelas by Globo: Big Hits Anatomy’ will take place on September 14th, at 3 PM (Eastern Europe) / 9 AM (EST US), and registration for watching the event is already open.