Globoplay Original series is one of the highlights of Content Budapest

After being introduced to the international market at the LA Screenings Independents and debuting in Brazil, the series The Others arrives in Europe during Content Budapest, one of the main events in the audiovisual segment in Eastern Europe. Created by Lucas Paraizo, author of Under Pressure, and directed by Luisa Lima, who signs Where My Heart Is, the Globoplay Original series addresses the tolerance and difficulty of dialogue in today’s society.

“I wanted to talk about intolerance, and the inherent relationship between neighbors served that purpose, strangers who live side by side. In the story, they represent an allegory reference to living in society. In a condominium, there is a mixture of characters: in the same space, people from different social classes, ages, and genders interact”, says Lucas.

This wish was perfectly embraced by the director’s Luisa Lima work and worldview, former productions fellow of Lucas in The Party and Justice.

“In The Others, we discuss our social background and its implications for contemporary life through a story that seeks to expose human relationships without judgment. It talks about our flaws, difficulties, and limitations, and, at the same time, the value of the affection in middle-class characters immersed in violent events”, defines Luisa.

In the story, the two neighboring couples Wando (Milhem Cortaz from A Mother’s Love and Iron Island) and Mila (Maeve Jinkings from Land of the Strong); and Cibele (Adriana Esteves from Brazil Avenue and A Mother’s Love) and Amâncio (Thomás Aquino) develop a feud after their children’s fight, Rogerio (Paulo Mendes) and Marcinho, (Antonio Haddad), leading to absurd consequences. Dona Lúcia (Drica Moraes from Under Pressure and Empire) is the condominium’s manager, whose apparent normality is at risk in the face of issues involving families. She has Elvis (Rodrigo Garcia from Where My Heart Is), the doorman, as her informant to keep her updated on everything that happens there.

“In addition to The Others, Lucas is also responsible for Under Pressure, a production of international success, licensed to over 60 countries. Human and real dramas like these can engage the public, generating identification with the characters and the situations portrayed. This shows the variety of our portfolio, which, in addition to telenovelas, also has series capable of breaking borders”, comments Guilherme Jordão, Content Distribution & Partnerships.