The telenovela is based on the work of Benedito Ruy Barbosa and written by Bruno Luperi, the same names responsible for Pantanal.

Currently airing in prime time in Brazil, Rebirth will be launched by Globo in the international market at the upcoming edition of the LA Screenings Independents, which will be held in May in California, USA. The work of Benedito Ruy Barbosa, which made history in Brazilian dramaturgy in 1993, remains timeless with its mysteries, dramas, love, revenge, and legends. And now, it returns renewed through the perspective of Bruno Luperi – his grandson – who signs the reinterpretation with artistic direction by Gustavo Fernández, captivating a new generation of Brazilians.

In Brazil, where it is currently airing on broadcast TV, the telenovela is a huge ratings success, being the most popular since Pantanal, a work by the same creators. With 60 episodes aired, Rebirth impacted over 121 million Brazilians, with an average of 30 million viewers per episode – and 8 out of 10 Brazilian households have tuned in to the telenovela since its premiere.

“Rebirth is a work that carries Brazilian essence, with exuberant landscapes and the mysteries, dramas, loves, revenge, and legends of our country. It is a telenovela written and directed by the same team as Pantanal, which was very well received by the international market. Therefore, we believe that Rebirth will also win over diverse audiences around the world. We are following the strength of this story and are happy with the launch,” says Gabriel Bonelli, Head of International Sales.

In the plot, after making a pact with a Jequitibá tree, José Inocêncio, a character portrayed in the first phase by Humberto Carrão (All The Flowers) and later by Marcos Palmeira (Pantanal), becomes known as a mythical figure as he becomes the most successful farmer in the region due to his successes as a cocoa producer. The jequitibás are known as the “giants of the forests”: they are among the tallest trees in the Brazilian flora, being a heritage of the Atlantic Forest. They can reach 50 to 60 meters in height, surpassing a 15-story building. They are also one of the longest-lived species, remaining standing for hundreds of years.

Still young, José Inocêncio wins the love of Maria Santa (Duda Santos, from The Path). The overwhelming passion between the two generates four children: José Augusto (Renan Monteiro), José Bento (Marcello Melo Jr, from Dissident Archangel), José Venâncio (Rodrigo Simas, from Pride and Passion), and the youngest, João Pedro (Juan Paiva, from In Your Place), the only one who did not have the opportunity to live with his mother, who dies giving birth to him. The tragedy causes José Inocêncios revolt, who blames João Pedro for the death of his great love.

Indifference and resentment mark the relationship between the patriarch and the youngest throughout their lives. As if the past wasn’t enough, years later, the arrival of the mysterious Mariana (Theresa Fonseca) will put all these emotions to the test when father and son fall in love with the same woman. The situation brings back feelings that were dormant or previously unknown to both.

“This telenovela is about rebirth, reunions, deaths, and resurgences. José Inocêncio is a wonderful character. He is deconstructed and reconstructs himself, transforms himself, and gives himself a new meaning. This is very important nowadays. I think this telenovela will be very good in this moment of new consciousness, of awakening questions, even if we dont have answers”, says Bruno Luperi “I believe Beneditos text is very rich and consistent. Basically, it is a story that deals with family relationships, conflicts, loss of loved ones, among other subject matters. His dramaturgy is very timeless”, adds Gustavo Fernández.

The cast also includes names such as Antonio Calloni (A Trick of Fate), Vladimir Brichta (A Mothers Love), Juliana Paes (Pantanal), Irandhir Santos (Pantanal), Enrique Diaz (A Mothers Love), Sophie Charlotte (All The Flowers), among others.