Polish group Net Media has ordered a seventh season of the popular entertainment format, which currently airs with great success on Polsat Café.

Global Agency announced today that Net Media in Poland has ordered a new season of its dating game show The Married Game.

The format, which is named locally Gry małżeńskie, is broadcasted on weekdays at Polsat Café enjoying high ratings. The show has already been on air for 6 seasons. After the big success of the dating game show, they are now buying season 7.

The Married Game is a daily stripped show with four dinner dates and one big revelation. Four men, three married and one single, take a savvy bachelorette out on dinner dates and try to convince her that they are single. If she guesses right and choses the single bachelor, she leaves with them on an all expenses paid trip and wins the prize money.

If she guesses wrong, the married man who deceived her leaves on the trip with the prize money and his own wife. It is the only show where a wife can encourage her husband to flirt with another woman!

Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, said: “The Married Game attracted huge interest in Poland and we’re proud of its success; the show has already been on air for 6 seasons. They are now buying season 7 and we believe its success will increase in a continuing trend. The show has already been licenced in Belgium, Latvia, Canada and Croatia. We believe that it will be on air in many other countries.”