The distributor announced that the new Turkish drama will premiere “very soon” on an Israeli screen.

Global Agency announced that the captivating love story Lonely Hearts will be released “very soon” on a new international screen upon its arrival in Israel.

The announcement comes after the premiere of the Turkish drama on FOX.

Lonely Hearts tells the story of two couples passionately in love but torn in different directions by dramatic conflicts in their families that test their resolve that love will prevail.

It is produced by Bros Film, Dentsu and Mavi Yapım and will air on FOX TV in prime time. The main cast members of the series are Serkan Melikoğlu (Forgive Me), Sena Şahin, Taygun Sungar (Mr Wrong), Bengü Gürses (The Legacy), Furkan Kapsız, and Elif Gülhan (Don’t Leave Me).

Izzet Pinto, Founder and CEO of Global Agency, said: “Our new drama, with its quality of production and acting, is a visual feast and has the quality of a weekly prime-time series. Daily dramas are now widely watched and in high demand abroad.”


Lonely Hearts tells the fascinating story of two couples passionately in love but torn in different directions by the dramatic conflicts in their families, testing the strength of their relationships. Teoman’s romance with the beautiful Ayda is delayed for years by fateful misfortune, and he must overcome the challenge of a formidable rival and the mutual hostility between her parents. Teoman’s brother’s dreams of success are threatened by a stupid deal with that same scheming rival and his only source of strength is the love he finds. The two couples must now hold on to each other and their love if they are to prevail over the hostile forces arrayed against them.