The Turkish drama made its debut on the US Hispanic network on June 21st as Lazos de sangre.

Pasiones, the network for telenovelas and drama series in Spanish, premiered Lazos de Sangre for US Hispanic audiences on June 21st.

Distributed internationally by Global Agency as Broken Pieces, the drama is an Endemol Shine Turkey production.

Originally titled Paramparça, the drama follows the story of two women whose lives are intertwined following a tragic turn of events.

The first, Gülseren (Nurgül Yeşilçay), is pregnant when she is accidently struck by a car, causing her to be rushed to a nearby hospital to give birth. The second, Dilara (Ebru Özkan Saban), has recently delivered her baby at the same hospital. Due to the similarity of their last names, a nurse unwittingly switches their babies, and the newborn girls go home with the wrong families. Inexorably linked, the two families’ lives collide once again 15 years later in an engrossing tangled tale of love and heartbreak.

“Turkish content creators are a force to be reckoned with, offering compelling narratives that pit the traditional values that resonate with Hispanic/Latino audiences against the realities of a modern world. We witness empowerment, bravery, justice and of course, honor, betrayal, and romance, all within a cultural backdrop, that though familiar, offers a unique viewing experience and perspective,” said Francisco Gimenez, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cable Networks for Hemisphere Media Group, Inc., the network’s parent company.

“When we curate our content, we look to provide quality entertainment, while striking a balance between more conventional programming and the multicultural and international flavor that our viewers also love; Lazos de Sangre is an excellent series, and another example of what has proven to be a largely successful strategy.”