The Turkish romantic comedy is a Gold Film production, broadcast by Star TV.

Turkish distributor Global Agency announced on Monday the sale of its Turkish romantic comedy Butterflies (Çilek Kokusu) to Hungary and Slovenia.

Butterflies is a Gold Film production, broadcast by Star TV in 2015. It has 55 one-hour episodes.

Starring Demet Özdemir and Yusuf Çim, it tells the story of Asli (Demet Ozdemir), a young and beautiful girl who works in a pastry shop. As she delivers a strawberry birthday cake to a customer, she is involved in a car accident and ruins her cake.

The person driving the car is Burak (Yusuf Cim), a famous womanizer from a wealthy family. They start arguing from the moment they meet and want to never see each other again.

Since Asli was unable to deliver her birthday cake, she is fired from her as soon as she returns to the bakery. But her fate will make her cross Burak once more…