The Turkish distributor is celebrating its 15th anniversary this Tuesday with a special video that showcases its trajectory, milestones and main titles.

Turkish distributor Global Agency is celebrating its first 15 years in business this Tuesday with a video published on its website, which showcases the company’s trajectory, milestones and main products.

“Today all of us in the Global Agency team are delighted to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the company’s foundation. It’s been an amazing journey and we want to offer our heartfelt thanks to all of our customers and partners who have joined us on this adventure,” they stated.

“We are so proud of what has been achieved in turning the agency into one of the world’s leading TV content distributors. As we look to the future, we are excited about building on that success together in the years ahead.”

Global Agency was one of the main distributors behind the success of Turkish content worldwide and, particularly, in Latin America and Spain.

Their series 1001 Nights definitively opened the market in both regions and led to one of the most prominent phenomena in television trends in recent years.

The company also has Turkish classics in its catalog such as Evermore, Daydreamer, Magnificent Century, Mother, Kosem or Broken Pieces.

The distributor is also a specialist in the development and marketing of entertainment formats, including titles such as Is That Really Your Voice, Good Singers, The Legend, Beat the Wheel or My Wife Rules.