The Turkish drama continues to expand in the international market, totaling sales in 30 countries.

Global Agency announced new sales for The Game of My Destiny.

As revealed by the Turkish distributor, the drama was sold to a total of 30 countries in the international market.

The Game of My Destiny is produced by NGM Medya and still airs on Star TV on Friday nights. The main cast members of the series are Ozgu Karayel from Ethos (Netflix), Heartbeat, Black Money Love, Kuzey Guney; Akin Akinozu from Hercai, The Last Emperor, Friends Forever; Sarp Apak from Daydreaming; Meric Aral of The Red Room, High Society, The Oath; and Esra Dermancıoğlu from Bitter Lands, Fatmagul.

The Game of My Destiny tells the gripping story of Asiye, whose world is turned upside down when her daughter is attacked by a neighbor, leaving them to rebuild their shattered lives. When the strange Mahir finds them shelter in the home of her powerful family, she is shocked to confront her ex-husband Cemal, who abandoned the family years ago.

Asiye now faces the most difficult of dilemmas in choosing whether to reunite with Cemal or start anew with Mahir. In a mansion filled with romance, betrayal, and jealousy, Asiye must overcome a cruel fate and find happiness for her family in this exciting drama.