The Signal, produced in association with Paramount Television International Studios, will premiere on Paramount+ in 2024.

Paramount+ today announced the start of filming for its first French original drama, The Signal, produced by Gaumont in association with Paramount Television International Studios. The six-episode series created by François Uzan (Lupin) based on the best-seller by Maxime Chattam (published by Albin Michel) is shooting from June to October in Brittany.

The Signal is a fantastic thriller set against a backdrop of psychological drama. By moving to the small Breton island of Kernolé, the Dormeuil family hopes to make a fresh start. Olivia (40), a successful journalist, is pregnant with her second child. She has put her career on hold, and her husband Paul (40) has found a position as a doctor on the island. Their daughter Camille (15), on the other hand, is dragging her feet. At odds with her mother, whom she blames for always putting her career first, the inventive teenager with a passion for science has only one interest in the move: the powerful electromagnetic disturbances present on the island may enable her to prove her grand theory.

Camille believes there’s a link between waves and the afterlife… However, shortly after the Dormeuils’ arrival, a troubling sequence of events unfolds on the island, including a string of gruesome accidents under investigation by Detective Aby Keita (35). The more deaths happen, the more Camille detects disturbing spectral waves, and the more Olivia feels uneasy in this house that seems to know the terrible secret she and her husband have been hiding for ten years. To save their family and reveal the island’s buried secrets, Olivia and Camille will have to reconcile and unite, before plunging deeper into the darkness and facing their own demons.

The Signal stars Clotilde Hesme (Les Revenants, Lupin), Annabelle Lengronne (Un Petit frère) and Gregory Montel (Call My Agent). The author of the eponymous book that inspired the series, Maxime Chattam, also makes a cameo appearance. Other actors include Sarah Pachoud, Leina Djema and Riad Gahmi.

François Uzan is the series creator and showrunner. He also wrote the screenplay alongside Maya Haffar and Delphine Agut. Directors are Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun and Karim Ouaret.

The series is produced by Isabelle Degeorges and Aurélie Iniesta for Gaumont in association with Paramount Television International Studios.

The series will be available on Paramount+ in France, Canada, the U.K., Australia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland in 2024.