The international distributor has acquired the production rights to the competition format from Magnify Media for Spain and Mexico, as well as multiple other territories in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Fremantle, Plimsoll Productions and Magnify Media today announce a multi-territory deal for the original format, Good With Wood.

Fremantle has acquired the format production rights from distributor Magnify Media in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Hungary, Belgium North and South, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Poland, Israel, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Australia.

In a throwaway world, nothing is more elemental and earthy than working with wood, from high-end hard wood to rough recycled pallets. It can be burnt, bent, sanded, carved, stained and transformed into almost anything: furniture, sculpture, structures, even instruments. Working with the material is pure escapism from the rat race, connecting you with nature, celebrating craftsmanship and creating lasting objects.

Good With Wood is a competition series that celebrates woodworkers – the amateurs, the hobbyists and those at the beginning of their woodworking careers, as they take on epic challenges. Set in a purpose-built workshop nestled in a forest, contestants are tested on their large scale builds as well as the essential skills of woodworking – both modern and traditional. As the weeks unfold and the woodworkers are whittled down, the builds become bigger, bolder and more creative. Contestants all live together on location building strong bonds and camaraderie as the competition plays out to find the ultimate woodworker.

Rob Clark, Director of Global Entertainment, Fremantle, commented: “Launching a new show is all about timing; and for Good With Wood the time is now, as more people reengage with crafts and a return to a simpler lifestyle. It is a really clever and unique format, which elegantly mixes storytelling and competition with beautiful design, emotion and fun. We’re delighted to be working with the teams at Magnify and Plimsoll on this timely series.”

Andrea Jackson, CEO Magnify Media, commented: “Wood-working fits the zeitgeist of connecting with nature and exploring creativity and makes for a transporting viewing experience. We are delighted to be working with Fremantle as our production partner to bring Good With Wood to these important format markets.”

The series will launch on Channel 4 in the UK this Spring.