The French distributor announced a raft of new sales for its animated titles in several international territories, including Brazil, Mexico and Latin America.

Dedicated to exporting French animation products and increasing their international reach, France TV Distribution is proud to announce new sales for its kids’ programs category.

First up, Ana Pumpkin, the impish young girl and her loyal canine friend Buddy have already traveled to a number of European countries with several broadcasters, including Finland’s YLE, Estonia’s ERR, Latvia’s LTV and Czech Republic’s CESKA. The show will also soon be aired on Portugal’s RTP, Brazil’s Gloobinho (and also available on Giga Gloob), French-speaking Africa’s Ludikids and the United Arab Emirates’ E-Junior. It will even be spotted down under, on Australia’s ABC Kids.

In addition, having charmed Brazil on Giga Gloob and the United Arab Emirates on E-Junior, Disco Dragon, produced by Mondo TV, is flitting off to Portugal to grace RTP with its presence.

Super Caribou, produced by Autour de Minuit, has taken flight to Mexico, Brazil and Canada, alighting on Canal Once, Giga Gloob and TV5 Québec, respectively. This show is currently beating ratings records in Germany, where it’s airing on the country’s KIKA channel.

Grosha, about two feline investigators, will arrive on the Middle East with MBC3.

Moreover, Dimitri, the little European bird, has taken flight to French-speaking Africa, landing on Ludikids and Canal+ Family (Canal+ International). Featuring Tamaa the little monkey, Season 2 is about to be aired on Portugal’s RTP.

Lastly, the adventures of Charlie Brown and his little Peanuts clan have been picked up by Brazil’s Globoplay, and by Movistar TV App and Canela.TV in LatAm.

Julia Schulte, SVP International Sales at France tv distribution, said: “Each of the animation series we present in our line-up is original, outstanding and highly ambitious. We love all of them and our team is really proud to bring them to worldwide audiences through our international partners.”