The new original miniseries of Movistar Plus+, based on the homonymous novel by Rosario Izquierdo, has six 30-minute episodes and will be released on April 27

During the sixth edition of Canneseries, which takes place in parallel with Miptv 2023, Movistar+ premiered the first of the six episodes of its new miniseries, El hijo zurdo (The left-handed son).

The series, which was filmed in Seville, tells the story of Lola and her son Lorenzo. A relationship marked by the lack of communication between the two, the estrangement of the young man who begins to associate with radical groups, and the unconditional love of her mother.

In Cannes, ttv had the opportunity to speak with Fran Araújo, executive producer of Movistar+’s Original Fiction; Rafael Cobos, director and screenwriter; and María León, protagonist of the series.

“This is the next collaboration that started with La Peste,” Araújo explained about his work with Cobos. “Apart from the admiration for Rafael’s talent, there is affection and friendship, and it is a joy to share with him to be able to be at a festival like the Cannes Series and see how people receive the series here.”

Araújo defined El hijo zurdo as one that is part of the “search for a different point of view”, of “approaching places that have not been traveled”: “It is being able to touch a complex subject with such precision and commitment, because there is a artistic commitment to telling it in a unique and special way, which is part of Movistar+’s search and which is so difficult to achieve”, stated the executive.

Cobos, for his part, assured that after the presentation that “the sensations are good”. “I’m a natural optimist, but it’s still too early to tell what the reception of the series is,” he said.

Cobos has been the winner of a Goya for Best Original Screenplay for La Isla Mínima and a Goya for Best Adapted Screenplay for El hombre de las mil caras. On this occasion, he is leading an original Movistar Plus + project for the first time. “It’s a record change; for the first time I assume the last decisions of a process,” he said. “It is not easy, it has been complex, he has suffered. The result is quite encouraging.”

María León, for her part, is another Goya winner (Best New Actress and Silver Shell at the San Sebastián Festival) who plays Lola: “It is a gift to be able to interpret like this and have filmed in my city,” said the Sevillian actress. . “Lola is not a character that I have even intuited in my life, she is very far from me, but I think I have been able to do my thing.”

The series, which adapts the homonymous novel by Rosario Izquierdo and will be released on April 27, also includes Tamara Casellas, Hugo Welzel, Numa Paredes and Germán Rueda in its main cast.