Fox announced Thursday that it had commissioned a local US adaptation of the Spanish format, originally broadcast by Mediaset and distributed by Fremantle.

The US network Fox announced on Thursday that it had commissioned a local adaptation for the US of the Spanish format Adivina qué hago esta noche (Guess what I’m doing tonight).

It will air locally as Game of Talents, the same name chosen by ITV for its British adaptation.

Created in Spain by Fremantle and Mediaset Spain, Adivina qué hago esta noche is broadcast on Cuatro.

The show proposes an original talent show in which the contestants will play alongside famous people to guess what talent different artists who will be performing on stage have.

Before its acquisition by Fox, the show was already sounding like one of the breakthrough formats internationally, with adaptations underway in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium.

With its arrival on Fox, the show not only entered the main television market in the world, but also received a boost from the network that has been setting a trend at the entertainment level with its adaptations of The Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice. that after its premieres on Fox have exploded internationally.

The US version of Adivina qué hago esta noche will be hosted by Wayne Brady and produced by Fremantle, with Jeff Apploff serving as executive producer alongside Brady himself.