On September 23, the fourth season premiere of the successful singing format will be followed by the premiere of I Can See Your Voice, the network’s new talent show that is also based on a South Korean format.

In 2019, The Masked Singer, Fox’s adaptation of Korean format King of Masked Singer, became the most successful new format of the year on US broadcast TV.

Such was the success of the show that soon after the netwprl announced that it would adapt another format from South Korea: I Can See Your Voice, a singing show from South Korea’s CJ ENM, created by Lee Seon-young.

The results of the double bet will arrive earlier than expected, since the channel announced that it will premiere both formats on the same day, with a block dedicated to the country.

Thus, next Wednesday, September 23, Fox will premiere the fourth season of The Masked Singer at 8:00 p.m., followed by the expected premiere of I Can See Your Voice.

The Masked Singer was the revelation format of 2019, becoming the best-selling format of the year, with sales to more than 50 countries and dozens of adaptations, including Mexico, Peru and Spain. Its American adaptation made it a true phenomenon, so much so that Fox has already announced the production of a spinoff: The Masked Dancer.

Meanwhile, I Can See Your Voice is hosted and produced by comedian and actor Ken Jeong. The show will give one contestant per week a chance to win a cash prize if they can tell good singers from bad, without even hearing them sing a note.

The US version will feature a panel of comedians, celebrities and experts, along with a musical superstar, who will guide the contestants through several rounds of challenges, with hidden clues and false evidence.

The episodes will culminate with the selected vocalist revealing whether or not they are a good singer in a duet performance with the musical superstar, “resulting in an incredible musical collaboration or totally hilarious train wreck,” Fox said in a statement.

I Can See Your Voice will be produced by Fox Alternative Entertainment, with James Mckinlay, Craig Plestis and Ken Jeong serving as executive producers.