Based on the Argentine series La chica que limpia, by Jaque Content, the new version will hit US broadcast TV on January 3.

American network Fox revealed the midseason dates for several of its fiction and entertainment premieres. Among them, The Cleaning Lady, the long-awaited adaptation of the Argentine series La chica que limpia.

The US version, produced by Warner Bros. Television and Fox Entertainment, will arrive on Monday, January 3 at 9:00 p.m.

The new series stars Elodie Yung alongside Adam Canto, Martha Millan, and twins Sebastien and Valentino LaSalle. It is executive produced by Miranda Kwok (who also signs as a screenwriter) alongside Melissa Carter, who is also the showrunner.

Executive Producers are Shay Mitchell for Amore & Vita Productions, alongside Rose Marie Vega for RMVistar and the recently deceased Paola Suárez for Jaque Content.

In Fox’s version, Reyna Salonga (Yung) is a Filipino nurse who comes to the US to receive medical treatment to save her son, but when the system fails and forces her to hide, she decides to use cunning and intelligence. from her to defend against her. Thus, she finds herself engulfed in a world of moral gray, cleaning up crime scenes for the Russian mob, and ultimately forging her own path to power, becoming an unexpected but brilliant player in the criminal world.

La chica que limpia was produced by Jaque Content (ex Germina Films) and aired in 2017 on the Argentine platform Play. It is written by Irene Gissara, directed by Lucas Combina and executive produced by Paola Suárez.

In addition to the US, the series was adapted in Mexico as La muchacha que limpia, produced by BTF Media for WarnerMedia Latin America. It premiered on June 20 on HBO.