The consultancy firm offered its traditional Fresh TV Formats conference during the first day of MipCancun Online+, to present its selection of the most stand-out formats that made waves in the region in 2020.

On Tuesday, November 17, during the first day of MipCancun Online+, The Wit offered its Fresh TV Formats and Fresh TV Fiction conferences, this time, in a virtual format.

And when it comes to formats, Virginia Mouseler, CEO of the consultancy firm, revealed it was a great year for entertainment in Latin America, with “34 different format adaptations in the region.”

The executive said that the region was part of the international craze for entertainment, as among the most adapted formats around the world in 2020, Masked Singer (the leader) was adapted in Peru and is in season two in Mexico, with an option in Argentina and Panama. In addition, Big Brother (second on the list) is in its 20th season in Brazil and Family Feud (third), was adapted in Brazil and Argentina.

In addition, she highlighted the fact that Latin American-born formats have traveled the world this year, setting as two clear examples Exatlon and The Diva in Me.

Lastly, the executive presented The Wit’s list of standout formats of the year in Latin America, which features international production, as well as titles from Spain and Brazil.

The stand-out formats

Monster Kitchen
Country: Spain
Distribution: Beta Entertainment Spain

Three couples cook dishes ordered by three celebrities in a kitchen full of dangerous and crazy challenges.

Epic Game Show
Country: UK
Distribution: Fremantle

All-time favourite gameshows are brought together and revived in an EPIC way.

The Star in the Star
Country: Germany
Distribution: Banijay Rights

Celebrities are transformed by special effects make-up and trained to sing and perform like the music legend they worship. Viewers and a celebrity panel try to uncover who is the star in the star.

I Got You Babe
Country: Germany
Distribution: Banijay Rights

Celebrities sing duets with puppets that are voiced by professional singers. A jury of celebrities comment on the performances and the audience vote for their favourite duet.

Money Dome
Country: USA
Distribution: NBCU

20 contestants face mental games, physical obstacles and challenges. Prizing can be up to US$ 500,000 inside the Money Dome.

Cash Back
Country: South Korea
Distribution: CJ ENM / Banijay

Contestants have to hunt Moneymojis in a crazy obstacle race to win cash.

Born to Fashion
Country: Brazil
Distribution: NBCU

Talent show for 12 aspiring transgender models. The winner will get a one year contract.

Se sobrevivir, Case
Country: Brazil
Distribution: SPTI

Four engaged couples are sent to the forest to face a variety of challenges. They have to live without clothes in precarious conditions. At the end, they will decide whether they are ready to get married after having managed -or not- to live together under these extreme circumstances.

The Flat
Country: Spain
Distribution: Mediterraneo

A celebrity is locked up alone in “the flat”. Viewers take control of the camera 24/7. They vote to keep the celebrity in. The contestant who leaves will challenge another celebrity to move into the flat.

Keep the Safe
Country: Spain
Distribution: Mediterraneo

Two teams of celebrities living in a villa compete against each other. The first group has a safe in their house that they have to protect. The second tries to steal it.