Emilia Nuccio, FilmRise’s new International VP of Content Sales, spoke to ttvnews in Los Angeles about the distributor’s vast catalog and its search for new partners in Latin America and the US Hispanic markets.

Recently named FilmRise’s International VP of Content Sales, Emilia Nuccio made an appearance at the LA Screenings Independents to offer the distributor’s vast slate of content to new clients in the US Hispanic market and Latin America.

“It has been a great pleasure and joy to come back to an in-person market, especially in Latin America and US Hispanic, since I’ve worked in the territory for almost 30 years,” the executive told ttvnews. “Being able to see each other and talk, and start new businesses, create links and renew relationships, catching up on what is happening in each market and with each client.”

“In January I joined FilmRise, which is a company that has more than 50,000 video assets. It has one of the largest streaming networks in the world, its own app, a huge library of both linear and digital TV rights, and which works with all US platforms,” explained the executive, noting that since last year they have also been working with Latin America and Europe.

Present in Los Angeles, the executive is offering “a varied catalog with all genres.”

“We have news, library content. We are also co-producing true crime series, which works very well at the moment, and we have a lot of action movies, a lot of content dubbed into Spanish”, she highlighted.

In addition, the executive revealed a new co-production that they are currently working on. “We are handling a co-production that I cannot announce yet, but we have received several proposals worldwide.”

“And we are looking for another movement in the world of AVOD in LatAm. We want Filmrise to be recognized as a place to go, as a one-stop-shop to find content. We know our content works because it’s working wonders on many platforms,” she concluded.