Starting in 2022, 2bOriginals and the producer led by Eugenio Derbez and Ben Odel will combine their expertise in comedy and their mass audience reach with unique stories about Latino characters. and its production company 2bOriginals (Touché Films) continue to celebrate 10 years of with great achievements.

The last one has just been announced: they have signed a collaboration agreement with 3Pas Studios (Acapulco, How To Be a Latin Lover), a production company led by Eugenio Derbez and Ben Odel, and focused on the production of audiovisual content in Spanish and English for Latin audiences in Latin America and the US.

2bOriginals and 3Pas Studios will collaborate on various audiovisual projects starting in 2022, combining the expertise of both companies in comedy audiovisuals and reaching mass audiences with unique stories about Latino characters.

“Celebrating 10 years with someone is not a small thing and Plug has achieved it. They have laughed, teased, criticized and most of all, amused this last decade and I have always been a fan of what they do. Congratulations! And excited about what is coming in the next few years and the things that we will be doing together! Hugs, Enchufe!”, Commented Eugenio Derbez.

Arturo Yépez, CEO of 2bOriginals, said: “Finding allies in the world of audiovisual production has a lot to do with the affinity of the content, the complementarity of skills, but, above all, with the compatibility of values when telling stories”.

“For a long time we have had respect, admiration and affection for the work of Eugenio Derbez and 3Pas Studios; A few years ago we had the opportunity to collaborate with them for and now we are ready to take a big step and create premium content with them. The passion of Ben Odel, Javier Williams and the 3Pas team and the strength that Eugenio transmits in everything he does, only motivates us to do bigger and more powerful things”, added Yépez.