Turkish distributor OGM Universe, which represents the titles of the production company OGM Pictures, has a catalog of traditional Turkish dramas, but with a twist, which makes them ideal for all windows.

OGM Universe, the international distributor created at the end of 2022, is in Los Angeles to participate in LASI 2023, where it’s presenting the new titles from its production company, OGM Pictures, which includes Miracle of Love, Stickman and Broken Destiny.

“After six months, the company has grown and the number of our titles has increased,” explained Ekin Koyuncu, Director of Global Distribution and Deals at OGM Universe. “Now we are focusing on our new title, Miracle of Love, which is about a 130-year-old man who does not age. We witness a love triangle and see different eras of Turkey, which is very visually interesting.”

Together with Miracle of Love, OGM presents Stickman, another title based on the works of the author and psychologist Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu: “Stickman is broadcast on Wednesday nights. We are very happy with its performance. We have received great interest from clients in Latin America and the US during this market,” Koyuncu said.

These titles, along with daily drama Broken Destiny (122 episodes), are part of a spectacular offer from OGM, whose products have been hits with local and international audiences: “When you see the OGM stories, each one has a own identity and DNA a bit different from traditional Turkish dramas,” Koyuncu explained. “They have the classic melodrama, but they focus on human psychology, on real stories, with unexpected twists that make the GMO content a bit more edgy than traditional Turkish dramas.”

Parallel to the growth of OGM Universe, OGM Pictures has increased the number of titles it produces annually: “Our production volume is increasing on the linear side,” said the executive. “We are creating different genres and in the coming years you will see even more diverse content from OGM Pictures and in our catalogue.”

By producing for streaming platforms in Turkey, OGM Universe seeks to achieve a similar impact in Latin America, taking advantage of the diversification of genres that streaming demands: “OGM Pictures is producing heavily for streaming platforms in Turkey: for Netflix we have produced more than six series and seven movies. We are also producing for Disney+ and for Amazon Prime Video,” Koyuncu said.

“Our non-linear productions are very varied in terms of genres, including science fiction, we are really pioneering in that regard,” she added. “We want to take this ability to produce other genres beyond borders, especially in Latin America. We want to collaborate with players in the region to create remakes of our titles or Turkish originals for those platforms or channels. During this market we have focused on these discussions as well.”