The Global Distribution and Partnership Director at the Turkish distributor spoke to ttvnews about the success of its newest title, which premiered 12 weeks ago and has been conquering audiences ever since.

By ttvnews, from Miami, USA

Experts in the creation and distribution of Turkish dramas, OGM Distribution has had another successful start to the year, with its latest bet, Lost in Love, enjoying continuous success in Turkey.

“Lost in Love started 12 weeks ago on Star TV on prime time on Thursdays. So far the performance is going very well”, Ekin Koyuncu, Global Distribution & Partnership Director at OGM, said to ttvnews in Miami.

“We are gaining a lot of fans from Turkey and the international audience as well. It is ranking in top 3 in Turkey, some weeks number one and some number two, which is making us very happy”, she added.

“The audience loyalty is very strong and we have a very strong exposure on social media. And on YouTube, the first episode reached 10 million views, which is truly amazing.”

Described by the executive as a “true melodrama”, Lost in Love presents a Cinderella story like no other.

“When we say a Cinderella story it’s because the main character is a pure, innocent beauty. She’s introduced to us as the maid of the house. She entered when she was a little girl as the helper of the princess of the house. And during the story we will understand she is also the granddaughter of the head of the house. When he was younger he had this big love with a tailor who got pregnant and they couldn’t get married, and he thinks she had an abortion but years later we will learn she didn’t”, she explained.