The Turkish drama produced by O3 Medya and starring Stiletto Vendetta star, Lavinya Ünlüer, will be presented by the international distributor at Mipcom.

Eccho  Rights has signed a deal with production company O3 Medya to represent their hit drama series  My Sweet Life (Benim Tatlı Yalanım) internationally and will launch the title at Mipcom this October.

The series, which has aired throughout the summer on Star TV Turkey to top ratings, stars Furkan Palali (Room Number: 309) and Asli Bekiroglu (Jet Sosyete) as the main stars with a stellar performance by young actress Lavinya Ünlüer as the girl at the center of the story, who previously won over audiences as Mila in hit show Stiletto Vendetta.

“We are very excited to work with O3 Medya for the first time and to represent this touching drama that speaks to one of the most universal themes there is, parenthood,” says Fredrik af Malmborg, Managing Director at  Eccho  Rights.

My Sweet Life tells the story of Nejat, who has promised his daughter Kayra that one day her mum will return to the family, on the little girl’s birthday. So when Suna turns up at their house on the big day with a cake in hand, Kayra is overjoyed.

The only problem is Suna isn’t her mother at all. But Nejat, unable to bring himself to disappoint his beloved little daughter, instinctively pretends that her mother has indeed returned. But this sweet lie soon spirals out of Nejat’s control…

“We look forward to a successful collaboration with Eccho Rights representing our new hit series and are convinced that they are the right partner to bring this drama to global audiences,” says Saner Ayar, Managing Partner at O3 Medya.

Established in partnership with Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC), the biggest media group of the Middle East and North Africa region, O3 Medya has produced some of the most impactful Turkish dramas like Wounded Love, A Part of Me and the International Emmy nominated Evermore. Furthermore, O3 Medya is behind the first Turkish Netflix Original, The Protector.

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