E! Entertainment Premieres Ojos de mujer

The second season of the talk show produced by We Love Entertainment premieres this Thursday, August 18, on the NBCUniversal International Networks Latin America channel.

This Thursday May 18 E! Entertainment premieres in Latin America its new original production Ojos de mujer, the second season of the successful talk show that addresses issues from a female point of view and without censorship.

With 12, 60-minute episodes, the hit show produced by We Love Entertainment will feature confessions, honest opinions, female empowerment, and plenty of sisterhood.

The show brings a diverse panel including Latin American social media star Chiky BomBom; the actress and model, Elizabeth Gutiérrez (Wild Heart); the presenter and comedian, Érika de la Vega (Latin American Idol, Toy Story 3); and the moderation of Carla Medina.

In this second installment, its leading stars will open their hearts to share uncensored opinions with the audience, discussing everything about inclusion, women’s rights, abortion, public harassment, sexual liberation, anxiety, insemination and much more.

“The first season was a recognition of the different perspectives of the topics presented in the program, but in a second season one already knows what those different views are, how the format works and how the audience interacts,” said Marcello Coltro, VP Marketing, Creative and Affiliate Relations Senior at NBCUniversal International Networks & Direct-to-Consumer Latin America; during a virtual press conference in which ttvnews participated.

“Ojos de mujer is a program that also invites the audience to talk about the different topics that are addressed,” he added.

The first season of the talk show is now available through E!’s official YouTube channel. In this way, the audience can remember all his controversy and honest opinions before the premiere of the second season.

“Our goal is to unleash the conversation so that many more women are informed about their rights, are encouraged to break paradigms, help promote diversity, female sorority and much more. Ojos de mujer is a constant invitation to question everything that happens around us,” said Erika de la Vega.

“As women we come together in this production with E! under the same objective: to inspire, motivate and spread female empowerment throughout Latin America”, said Chiky BomBom.

Ojos de mujer is executive produced by Marcello Coltro himself and Verónica Pizzorno, and is part of Voces de E!, the platform that amplifies the voices of women in Latin America, joining the channel’s original productions: Escuela imparables, Con Carmen, and the social experience documentary Voces de E!, among others; that seek to reinforce female empowerment, diversity, inclusion and equity.