Eco Brasil is an original format of seven episodes that was launched on the Brazilian OTT platform, Box Brasil Play and on the PayTv Prime channel.

To commemorate International Environment Day, DW launched its new production: Eco Brasil. The inaugural episode of the seven episodes series was broadcast on the Brazilian OTT platform, Box Brasil Play and on the PayTv Prime channel, Box Brasil this Monday, June 5.

Eco Brasil is an original, fun and inspiring format aimed at young Brazilian audiences. The episodes connect nature and the metropolis, urban and rural life, and bring independent and relevant information to the life of young people in Brazil. Food, consumption habits, mobility, fashion and the impact of climate change are on the agenda.

Through inspiring protagonists and innovative ideas, the program offers ideas and solutions for everyday sustainability and a positive future characterized by environmental awareness. It also encourages debate on key environmental issues.

Hosted by environmental engineer Aline Matulja and journalist Edu Carvalho, the series offers different perspectives from different places. Aline Matulja, who has been working for several years on socio-ecological projects for water supply and environmental protection, lives in Ubatuba. Edu Carvalho, who grew up in Rocinha, a large favela in Rio de Janeiro, brings an urban vision to the issues at hand.

“It was very important to us to develop a format that would speak to the public in a way that would not feed into the polarizing trend around environmental issues in Brazil,” said Vanessa Fischer, director of DW’s Environment Department. “There is a great need for information and constructive journalism. Aline and Edu convey this in a very natural and authentic way”.

DW-Distribution is pleased to present this innovative series in cooperation with broadcast partner Box Brazil Media Group, making the show accessible to a wide audience.

“This is an excellent opportunity to distribute the new Eco Brasil series, which deals with important environmental and sustainability issues, through the Brazilian content platform Box Brasil and a wide network of partner stations in Brazil,” said Sylvia Viljoen, Director of Distribution DW America.

The launch will be accompanied by a live event from the partner and collaborations between DW Brasil and Box Brasil Media Group on social media.

Claudia Dreyer, director of international alliances at Box Brazil Media Group, said it is vital to raise awareness about environmental protection, especially among the younger generations. “Eco Brasil treats the issue lightly and shows practical solutions that we can use in our daily lives for a sustainable future.”