The Kitchen Argentina joins the group’s language studios now located in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Egypt, Moldova, Russia, Israel, Mexico, Brazil and the US.

Dubbing studio The Kitchen welcomed Argentina to its worldwide kitchen family of dubbing studios.

“We are excited about our accelerated growth globally,” explained Ken Lorber, President/CEO of The Kitchen worldwide. Last week we added The Kitchen Israel to our team of superior dubbing studios around the world and today we welcome The Kitchen Argentina.”

The Kitchen has been dubbing most languages into Neutral Spanish for all of its nearly 20 years in business. “Initially, we dubbed in Miami, as our community locally boasts a large group of non-accented, Latin American professional actors,” Lorber explained. “We later added The Kitchen Mexico for in-territory Latin Spanish dubbing, allowing us to nearly double our capacity for the work requests.”

The dubbing industry in Buenos Aires has blossomed in the last few years, as the professional acting pool has grown dramatically. The addition of The Kitchen Argentina now gives The Kitchen an additional solution for providing dubbing services for virtually any budget, with no compromise to quality.

“Latin Spanish dubbing has become one of the most important target languages for our international clients, and we currently translate, adapt and dub into LAS from all languages,” he added.

Today, The Kitchen is seeing an immense growth in the demand for Latin Spanish for content from all around the world. As a result, the addition of the former Main Post operation, in Argentina was a logical move to extend The Kitchen “family”.

Main Post was established in 1998, by Ignacio Mainini, to provide dubbing and subtitling services to many of the industry’s leading networks, producers and distributors. Mainini will serve as Managing Director of the latest Kitchen studio, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the country’s capital.

“I’ve worked with The Kitchen for a number of years and couldn’t be more pleased to now call our Buenos Aires studio The Kitchen Argentina, Mainini explained. “The Kitchen team has the most professional, caring and experienced upper management leading the group. I fell in love with all of them and knew instantly that I wanted to be part of this amazing family. The Kitchen Argentina looks forward to contributing to the global need for increased capacity for Neutral Spanish language services, and to growing within The Kitchen group worldwide,” he concluded.

During the Pandemic, much recording has been done with voice actors at their approved home studios. A new physical location of the facility however, will be announced shortly, poised to accommodate the expected post-Pandemic growth in the Argentinian dubbing industry.

In addition to an unlimited, creative voice dubbing team, The Kitchen Argentina offers 4 mixing suites; stereo and 5.1 mixing; music composition, M&E creation/ re-creation and Foley.

The Kitchen Argentina joins the “family” of language studios now located in: France; Italy; Germany; Spain; Hungary; Turkey; Egypt; Moldova; Russia; Israel; Mexico; Brazil and the US.