Dubbed and Almost Complete: Mistco’s New Titles Are Ready for Screen Time

Aysegul Tuzun, Managing Director at Mistco, spoke to ttvnews about the distributor’s new titles, which are dubbed in Spanish and ready to go on air in the international market.

Since it spread worldwide in March, the coronavirus pandemic has affected every TV station around the world, from content production to dubbing and distribution.

Yet, Turkish distributor Mistco stood in a good position to face the crisis, since in addition to a vast catalog of library content, they were already very advanced in terms of production and dubbing for its new series Melek, My Champion and Golden Cage.

“The situation is very unexpected for everyone. These are very difficult and different times, not only because of the business, but also our loved ones,” said Aysegul Tuzun, Managing Director at Mistco.

“We have been adapting our business for this new world or at least this new situation,” she added.

The pandemic broke out in what started as an excellent year for Mistco, which had expanded its offer and its international footprint.

“This year we added a new title from a different channel, Star TV, which was Golden Cage, a pure love story with a great cast,” she said.

Golden Cage was, in fact, the star of the company’s catalog for the last edition of Natpe, a series Mistco believed so much in that they have already dubbed it in Spanish.

“Regarding Latin America, our strategy is to produce and make ready-dubbed versions of our brand new titles for the region. Dubbed versions are essential in order to expand titles in the region. So we decided to advance on this for our new titles: Melek, My Champion and Golden Cage,” she explained.

In addition, all three titles were well into production before the pandemic began, so any of them have enough episodes to go on air on any international screen.

“Melek completed season one and will return for a new season. My Champion was a one-season project, there are only four episodes left. The same for Golden Cage: there are four more episodes left and it was a one-season project,” the executive said.

“If our clients need to premiere them tomorrow, we have a good number of episodes in Spanish to go on air,” she added.

Along with these three new titles, Mistco is also offering the successful Resurrection: Ertugrul, which has several seasons that are dubbed and ready to go.

Due to this, even in these unprecedented times of international crisis, Mistco has been having a good year in terms of sales.

“For Resurrection, for instance, we signed a deal in Pakistan, where it’s reaching ratings’ records. The official YouTube channel in Pakistan reached 100 million views in just 15 days,” she said. “And we’ve closed several deals for our three new titles.”