The Israeli group has acquired the activities of the Sumyoko company, which will be added to Dori Media’s joint venture with Abot Hameiri under the name Dori Media Sumayoko Studios.

Dori Media has signed an agreement to acquire the activities of the Sumayoko company, headed by Udi Segal (On the Spectrum, Asfur, Mossad 101). Under the agreement, the parties will work to develop and produce content for platforms in Israel and abroad.

As part of the agreement, Sumayoko’s production activities in Israel will be added to Dori Media’s joint venture with Abot Hameiri under the name Dori Media Sumayoko Studios and will be managed by Amit Gitelzon and Shlomit Arviv.

In addition, Udi Segal joins Dori Media’s activities in content development and production in the international market. Dori Media will take over the distribution rights for Sumayoko’s content through the group’s international distribution arm.

Sumayoko’s On the Spectrum was sold and re-produced in the US under the title, As We See It and debuted on Amazon Prime on 21.1.22.

Nadav Palti, President and CEO, Dori Media Group: “Sumayoko and its world of scripted content in Israel has been renowned in the global television industry for many years. Sumayoko has created and produced many quality titles over the years and is a leading production house in Israel. The connection between Dori Media, which deals with the production and distribution of Israeli and international content, and Sumayoko’s quality productions, led by Udi Segal, Shlomit Arviv and Amit Gitelzon, together create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. I congratulate the members of Sumayoko for joining the Dori Media family – together, we will conquer new peaks in the content market in Israel and abroad”.

“The agreement is a step further in expanding Dori Media’s cooperation with Abot Hameiri of the Fremantle Group, with whom we have been working for many years with great mutual appreciation and trust. Together, we established “Dori Media Studios” approximately 2 years ago with great success. The venture deals with the company’s scripted production activities in Israel, which are managed by Raanan Gershoni and Keren Michael”.

Udi Segal, CEO of Sumayoko: “I am very happy that Sumayoko has joined Dori Media. The cooperation between our two companies and the teams leading them will enable the creation of high-quality Israeli productions that will be very successful in Israel and around the world. In addition to my activities in Israel, I am excited about joining Dori Media’s international development team and believe that together we can increase our direct connection to international platforms and companies. I am proud to join Dori Media and wish us all great success!”