The series features some major talents, including Bruno Bichir, Miguel Rodarte, Ricardo Polanco, Giselle Kuri and Liz Gallardo.

Earlier today, WarnerMedia announced that it is a wrap for Bunker, Max Original’s new production shot in Mexico exclusively for HBO Max, the new streaming platform scheduled to arrive in the region next June. The series will premiere on a date to be announced.

“Bunker is yet another example of the huge talent and quality of production work in Latin America. Even in the middle of the pandemic, in a challenging context of strict protocols, big efforts are made to continue to tell the best stories and bring them to our audiences throughout the region. This brilliant production by Bunker will be a great addition to WarnerMedia’s varied content factory,” said Ricardo Pichetto, Production Head WarnerMedia Latin America.

With productions such as Bunker, HBO Max will offer a broad range of high-quality Latin American original content featuring the best local storytellers and talents, with an authentic, relevant voice, and will bring a unique and new entertainment experience to audiences throughout the region.

Shooting of the show started back in January, hand in hand with the production firm Dopamine; the whole cast and crew made sure to comply with the health protocol required by WarnerMedia Latin America.

“This has been a new and challenging experience for all of us, but we took on our responsibility with rigor and patience; health and safety always came first. We want to thank everyone involved for going the extra mile with this; we also want to thank our colleagues at WarnerMedia for their confidence and for the great team work done over the last few weeks,” explained Fidela Navarro, Dopamine’s CEO.

Bunker is an action comedy where Vladimiro, a middle-aged man who has lost the respect of his wife and children, can only find peace in an old bunker located in his home’s basement, but he is in for a surprise. The series will follow his misadventures, filled with action and fun.

The series will have eight half-hour episodes featuring a great cast, including Bruno Bichir, Miguel Rodarte, Ricardo Polanco, Liz Gallardo, Adrián Vázquez, Claudette Maille, Giselle Kuri, Víctor Oliveira and Jesús Zavala. Argentinian author, essayist and screenwriter Esteban Seimandi is the showrunner of the series, which was directed by Joe Rendón.